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Doug Amey - The Furies The Furies
Doug Amey - Stoned Romeos Stoned Romeos
Doug Amey - The Nines The Nines
Doug Amey - Chromata Chromata
Doug Amey - Dreamland Dreamland
Doug Amey - Stoned Romeos Stoned Romeos
Doug Amey - Dreamland Chromata
Doug Amey - Azure Azure

Songs & Lyrics

1. Craving
2. Empty Suit
3. Monday's Child
4. Pristine Machine
5. Reason
6. Disposable Pop Song
7. Glimmering
8. I Break Time
9. Hardest Act
10. Happy
11. Guns In The Garden
12. Young Love
13. Call Me
14. Do Or Die
12. Waiting
13. Modern Shapless Now
14. Feast Of The Road
15. Comedy
16. Slacker
17. You Do
18. Say Good night
19. Venus
20. Sweet Desire
21. All Roads Lead To Rome
22. Real Life
23. Whole World's Going Insane
24. Johnny Don't You Get It?
25. Red Hot Woman
26. Yoshi
27. Some Things
28. Young Love
28. White Christmas


1. I've Had Enough of Yoshi
2. Brave New World
3. Some Things
4. Sam I Am
5. You Should've Known Better
6. A Ride With Mr. Bones
7. Surf's Up Kids!
8. Midnight


Music, Songs, Demos, Projects, Shows etc.

When I'm not sitting in front of an iMac, I'm probably playing music, or en route to play music. When doing neither of those things, I'm probably working on a verse or a good hook that I can't get out of my head. Other than that I try to catch some sleep.

Friends, relatives, and people I don't recognize are always asking me - "What are you working on now?" I will be posting projects here on the music page. I'll also add demos crafted on my laptop to the page for those interested in what's currently spinning through my brain.

Most people outgrow this creative stuff. I never will, and I can never get enough of it. I've worked with musicians from all over the world and spent many a sleepless night on the road. And I look forward to numerous collaborations, and many more connections with artists, geeks, poet warriors, insomniacs, shamans, cosmetic sales girls, and other folks who might just be off their meds...  ~ DA

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Recent Projects

The goes live!
New website for Musicians The Sugar Lumps
New website for Finger Lakes Realtor

Quick Flyer Design
Crooked Lake Mercantile

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