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Tree of Life Organic Coffee is located at 3258 scenic Route 20, just outside the quaint village of Cazenvoia in the town of Nelson, NY.

The shop is designed as a coffee tasting room, where you can sample an assortment of fresh roasted beans.  Tree of Life Coffee specializes in organic, single origin coffees for tasting, wholesale and retail purchase.   You can order and receive fresh roasted beens while you wait, or you can order and pick up at a later date.

Kathy Pettet is the master roaster and she produces wonderful coffee.

"I can tell you that a relationship with the beans is imperative.  It sounds silly, but really, it’s true.  When I roast I hear how and to what degree beans’ are happy.  It’s sort of like when a person is running or walking, there is a natural cadence that just feels right.  It’s beyond language, but a good roaster knows how to listen."

Without good coffee my job would be next to impossible... Kathy makes the best!

Tree of Life Coffee
Tree of Life Coffee

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