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Web development & graphic design are exciting. The challenge and the adventure is keeping up with a world which has never moved faster!

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It all started at an after-hours party at my home in San Jose, Ca. My band had just played a gig in San Francisco, and a bunch of people came back to our place after the show.

There was a gentleman asking about the unique art on the walls and my girlfriend sent him in my direction, since I was the artist. We talked for a while about fine art, commercial art, favorite artists and styles etc. The party went on and I did not think much about it. There were around 60 people in my living room and it was about 3AM.

The next day I got a call from this guy asking me if I would be interested in learning to create art on a computer. He claimed that he could teach me how to use computer software, but he could never teach his programmers how to be artists.

I drove to his company the next day to meet everyone and was hooked immediatly. They walked me through Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc. and even came to my house with a new computer and set me up online. I've learned that geeks (a term they take great pride in) are among the most generous people in the world with their knowledge and resources.

I have been running on the learning curve ever since, and loving every minute of it!


Doug Amey Clients
  • The Esperanza View
  • Hope Walk of Yates County
  • Arts Center of Yates County
  • DentalDeeds.com
  • Wild Flower Café
  • Rooster Fish Brewing
  • Crooked Rooster Pub
  • The Village Tavern
  • Hamondsport Lodging
  • 18 Vine Bed & Breakfast
  • Watkins Glen Wine & Spirits
  • Affordable Finger Lakes
  • Dick Murphy Homes
  • Dan Morse Real Estate
  • Ed Culver Real Estate
  • Belknap Hill Books
  • Finger Lakes Connections
  • Finger Lakes Construction
  • Garrett Moemorial Chapel
  • Michael T. Grant
  • Rising Sun Reiki
  • Bob & Junes Coffee
  • LorenzCornelisen.com
  • Finger Lakes Video
  • The Trading Hut
  • Branchport Wine & Spirits
  • Stone Romeos
  • Rochester Mac
  • Mountain Rise Organics
  • Canopy Evolution
  • Bernice Stern Real Estate
  • Town of Jerusalem
  • Harbor View Townhomes
  • The Furies
  • The Sugar Lumps
  • Agonal Rhythm
  • Torrey Ridge Winery
  • Showboat Motel
  • Crooked Lake Mercantile
  • Rebecca Miner
  • Joslyn Pest Control
  • Nickel's Pit BBQ
  • Keuka Art Festival
  • Yates County Community Center
  • Rise Creative Camp
  • Insight Financial
  • Keuka Oil Company
  • CarolGenneco.com
  • Woods Walker
  • Nickel's Marina & Restoration
  • Tim Amey Law Firm
  • Alien Sideshow
  • The Sugar Lumps
  • Tree of Life Coffee
  • Marion Balyszak
  • Lovejoy Books
  • Penn Yan Theatre Company
  • Dog Styles Pet Grooming
  • Wildlife Control of the Finger Lakes
  • Faze-3
  • ModelVisions.com
  • The Pullsheet Company
  • Arms at the Glenn
  • Diverters Movie
  • Judge William King
  • Sugar Creek Setters

And many more...

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What We Do

I have been designing websites and graphics for clients around the world since 2001. Prior to that, I spent a few years accumulating hands on experience at the Silicon Valley start-up firm XtremeVisions.

  • We combine elegant design, graphic arts, and internet technologies to help you shape the perceptions of your customers.
  • We analyse your company, industry, and competitors, and use this information to project an online presence to compete with the top echelon.
  • A well-designed website informs your clients with ease and efficiency.
  • You've put the time and energy into your business concept, Now let the world in on it!

Web Development

Web Sites

We develop websites to meet your needs. We use high end graphic design to showcase your company, Clear navigtion, to guide and inform your visitors, and clean code so your site is more likely to work across all browsers


We build online stores using an array of e-commerce solutions. Paypal has tools which enable you to sell unlimited products. Set up is free and easy. Paypal collects just 3% of all purchases. Ebay's ProStores, Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, the list goes on... There are many highly affordable ways to take care of all your web store needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Our sites are built with Search Engines in mind. The point of having an online presence is to reach as many people as possible. We stay on top of the changing priorites of Search Engines. We aim for high ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the Search Engines which account for 90% of all internet traffic.

Secure Web & Database Programming

We are partnered with the The PHP Kemist, a Utah Programming firm specializing in secure web and database programming. The PHP Kemist creates custom mobile websites and web applications to meet your business needs. Their Utah Programmers are expert security programmers who understand how to develop secure programming, to protect your Online data and your eCommerce business.


The cost of a project will vary according to it's complexity and size. Our website design services usually fall between $600 and $5000. Feel free to Call or email me to discuss your project. I love brainstorming and am always interested in learning of new business concepts.

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